Since 1988 Rhino Linings has been recognised the world over as the brand name leader in ute bed and tray liners for its protective coating quality, strength and durability. Today, Rhino Linings is recognised for its dominance and ability to constantly meet customer's high standards and expectations by providing premium solutions using polyurethane, pure polyurea and epoxy for industrial, commercial and retail applications.
Rhino Linings Divisions include:

  • AUTOMOTIVE : TUFF STUFF, the spray applied polyurethane coating primarily used for the protection of ute beds and tray liners, commercial vehicles and trailers.
  • INDUSTRIAL:  Primarily pure polyurea and polyurethane industrial coatings specifically manufactured for their abrasion, corrosion, impact and chemical resistance.  Used in mining, water and wastewater, concrete waterproofing, primary and secondary containment.
  • FLOORING:  Roll on polyaspartic and floor epoxy coatings for the home, garage, pool surrounds, and commercial show room floors. Decorative flakes and chips are available to create slip resistant, unique, durable and seamless floors.
  • MARINE: Rhino spray applied coatings protects boats from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust by forming an airtight and watertight seal preventing rust and corrosion

Rhino Linings Australasia formulates and manufactures its own chemical systems and application equipment, then exports the product throughout Australasia and South East Asia.  Rhino Linings polyureas and polyurethanes are imported and warehoused by Rhino Linings New Zealand Master Distributor, Auckland based Polymer Group Ltd, who distribute the full range of Rhino Linings products for automotive, industrial and flooring applications from their centralised warehouse.

Rhino Linings Dealers are located in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  They are fully supported by the New Zealand Master Distributor and Rhino Linings Head Office in Australia with training, specification advice and technical assistance.


Rhino Linings New Zealand Dealers are Industrial trained with the ability to take on large commercial and industrial applications. Such applications can include concrete and industrial waterproofing, treatment tanks, factory floors, water and wastewater treatment plants, mining applications, primary and secondary containment.  In addition to providing abrasion and impact solutions for a range of industry requirements, Rhino Linings New Zealand dealers are also trained in automotive applications (where the work is mostly completed in a spray booth)  such ute bed liners, horse floats  and marine applications.

So whatever your requirement, whether it be an Automotive, Industrial or Flooring issue, you as a Rhino Linings customer have a wealth of experience and knowledge readily available.  It is just a matter of making contact and asking your nearest Rhino Linings New Zealand dealer what solution they can provide for your most pressing issue.

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